Main & Vine Review


Meghan Laakso

Reporter, Bailey Johnson, reviews the newest grocery store in Gig Harbor!

Bailey Johnson, Reporter

On February 3rd, a new grocery store opened in Gig Harbor. Located on 5010 Point Fosdick Dr NW in Gig Harbor, Main & Vine is a local, fresh, and simple store with lots of great food available at great prices. It’s a healthy, yet tasty way to enjoy local food. When I walked into the store, I was blown away with tons of food options and art including a beautiful painting of Gig Harbor’s’ water.

The beautiful painting of the marina is one way to be welcomed but I was also enticed by the warm colors and the local feel, as well as the organic foods and healthy choices. The store has brick oven pizza, fresh sandwiches and salads, and a whole lot of cheese. They have a huge cheese wheel and, for fun, you can guess how much it weighs. They have a Cutter’s Point coffee stand and live music on the weekends! When I was there, they had a band (complete with drums and guitars) playing up on the top seating area. They were pretty good. It is definitely the perfect place for teens to enjoy music and drink coffee.

Besides the live music, Main and Vine gave me an amazing experience as I explored the store. The employees greeted me warmly and showed me around the aisles, the seating area, and the Cutters Point kiosk.

The smell of fresh pizza and sandwiches made my mouth water as I walked past the Main & Vine kitchen over on the left side of the store. They delivered a welcoming sense that allowed me to relax as I shopped.

I decided to visit Main and Vine because my aunt works there. The night before it opened, she was given the opportunity to take her family to see the store. I’m so glad that I was given the opportunity to join her. It was a great experience. This is the very first Main and Vine Kroger (the company that owns Main & Vine, Fred Meyers, and QFC) has given us and, due to the differences in customers, it is the perfect place for everyone. 

The store was created to give back to the community by using fresh food and friendly employees. When I first walked in, I could immediately smell the freshness. New scents emerged and a familiar feeling came over me as I continued to make my way through the store. The local feeling made Main & Vine feel more like home then a grocery store.