Beloved Diving Coach Passes Away


Lucy Arnold, Editor in Chief

On Wednesday, September 16, Peninsula’s beloved diving coach Liz Litsch passed away from pancreatic cancer. She was 67 years old. In her lifetime, Litsch served as a district educator and as a diving coach for both Peninsula and Gig Harbor high schools.

Only last month, the district recognized and celebrated Litsch’s 30 years of service and mentorship in the Peninsula School District with a party that at least 150 people attended. Some of the party guests came from faraway parts of the country to honor Litsch’s contribution to their lives, testifying that Litsch’s impact was widespread.

During her time at Peninsula, Litsch consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to turn inexperienced divers into formidable competitors. A number of students went from being novice divers to placing high at meets and going to state over the course of their four years. Also, most of Litsch’s divers stayed with the sport for all of high school, showing that Litsch made the challenge of diving fun and rewarding.

Having changed so many lives, Litsch will truly be missed by all who dived, coached, and taught with her. Her legacy continues with the work of both her daughter, Diana, a Gig Harbor swim coach, and her son, Will. Details of the memorial service will soon be available.