Pickup truck crashes into school bus

Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 2:20 p.m., there was a collision involving bus 21 on the Wauna curves. Two of the twelve students on board were taken by ambulance to the St. Anthony’s emergency room to be checked out, according to the Peninsula School District Transportation Office.

A pickup truck came around the corner and ran into the bus, pushing the bus off the road and into a ditch. A dispatch call was made and police came to the scene with paramedics.

“It was really scary I’ve never been in an actual car accident before. All I felt was the bus moving [into the ditch] and I thought ‘Oh my god somethings happened,’” Said Olivia Dierck who was on the bus.

Despite the initial fear, both Dierck and Stephanie Brown, a fellow passenger, said the students were calm following the crash.

Annie Bell, the director of Transportation, went to the scene immediately. “I really appreciated how great the students did on the bus and followed directions and that they are all okay,” Bell said.