Punt pass and kick fundraiser

James Klumker, Reporter

PHS DECA has organized a community service project called, “Punt Pass and Kick” a fundraiser projected to raise awareness and money for the Boys and Girls Club.

On Tuesday Nov. 4, from 6-9 p.m., all kids in Gig Harbor grades three-nine will be asked to participate by punting, passing, and kicking a football at either Sehmel Homestead Field, or Peninsula High School (Roy Anderson Field). The participants in each group with the most total yards will win. The winners will receive Seattle Seahawk prizes like Deca punt, pass and kick T-shirts, and a signed seahawks memorabilia!

The cost is $10 to participate. The money raised will go straight to the event, and the Boys and Girls Club.

There is a possibility that another group of people from Seattle will be joining, and they are not on the football team, but are very close to them, every single game, the sea gals might attend the fundraiser to draw even more attention.
This event will help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club and will be a blast, so attend and help the community.