New editor’s and other announcements for summer 2014


What a year. First off, the remaining staff at The Outlook want to thank the reporter’s, editor’s, PHS staff and our fantastic audience for another strong year. We endured some major changes, mainly the transfer from print to online, and so far it looks like everyone is on board and enjoying the new format.

We are basically shut down for the summer, but will try to have a few updates of happenings around the district and Gig Harbor. Our first major announcement is the hiring of new editor’s for next year. They have some big shoes to fill because of the dedication of this year’s senior class, but we are confident they are the right folks for the job.

2014-15 Positions filled so far:

Editor in Chief: Christian Lewis

Managing Editor: Mackenzie Filkins

Sports Editor/Business Manager: Hunter Mckenzie

Graphics Editor: Jackie Haines

Photo Editor: Colvin Bowen

We are excited about the new crop of reporter’s and to have some familiar faces returning to the team as next year as well.

Our goal remains to become the go to website for all news and notes about PHS. We will continue to expand our video and social media departments next year to make sure we are covering as much as possible. Also, start looking for more advertising opportunities for businesses and events from the Gig Harbor area. We have a captive audience and understand the marketing potential we are creating.

As always, we are nothing without our readers and fans. Please continue to send us ideas and interact through social media. We love to hear from you and look forward to an even bigger and better year.