Senior Snuggle of 2014

Seniors soared into the main hallway and snuggled together for a senior prank

Malori Richards, Editor-In-Chief

It was the end of a three day weekend, the start of spirit week and the perfect time for a prank. On Tuesday May 27, after second period, seniors brought pillows, blankets, even a borrowed chair from the library and set up camp in the main hallway. Laying out, sprawling and sheltering over each other; the senior snuggle had begun.

Puzzled students, teachers and administrators walked over the seniors as they snoozed in the hall. Many students were bewildered, some annoyed and some downright cheerful as they hiked their way through the mass of seniors. Administrators and teachers went from a state of befuddlement to one of annoyance rather quickly and the seniors continued talking, laughing and dozing together.

Shortly after the senior snuggle began, administrators shut the doors to the main hall, enclosing the seniors inside. Undeterred, the seahawks continued crowing their senior pride. Then the fire alarm rang.

Now it was the senior’s turn to be annoyed and confused as the administrators smiled and watched as they picked their sleeping supplies up and reluctantly dragged themselves out of the school. But the seniors were not done yet – they were going to have their snuggle regardless of the fire alarm. The giant flock swooped out on the field and gathered on the fifty yard line, descending on the turf as they had on the hallway floor, in a giant tangled, cozy mass.

They slept in the sun as confused students and faculty looked on, receiving both sassy remarks and excited approval. The sun shone down on the rebellious flock as the fire alarm catastrophe turned into a cause for celebration. All too soon for the sunning seabirds, the fire drill was over and it was time to go back inside. Although the administrators were hoping the seniors would get the hint and go back to class, as always, the seniors had other ideas.

They flew up and followed the rest of the school’s flock into the building but once they were back inside the halls, they broke away from the pack and soared back to the main hall, their home for third period. The laughing, joking, talking and sleeping commenced once more in the hall and continued until the passing time bell rang out and the seahawks rose as one and flew off to their respective classes. Prank completed, napping done, snuggling over and class unity strengthened.