Could animals help reduce the stress?


Ava Meikle, Opinions

When stressed, most people will want to snuggle up next to a pet to help them calm down. Can animals really get rid of stress, or if they can’t get rid of it completely, do they help reduce it? Let’s take a look at which animals can help reduce stress in our everyday lives.

Animals can be there to help us right at the moment we need help calming down. That is why you see service animals. Some of those service animals are stress animals that are there to help their owner when things get hard. Just being with animals/pets can lower stress hormones. Pets can help reduce loneliness, help feelings of social support, and lift your mood. Playing around with a cat and its toy can help distract you from the other stuff that was stressing you out.

Animals can help you get the motivation to do stuff you want to do too. For example, if you want to start being more active, try and get a dog. Dogs have a ton of energy to run around and play with you the whole day. They also need to be taken on walks. Physical activity can help reduce stress because it calms down your brain and allows you to focus on the workout and not other things. Having a pet can also help you not feel so alone. Pets can help keep you company if you live alone. They are also always there if you need them to get through a stressful time.

Stress and loneliness are some of the difficult feelings we have to face in everyday life. Think of the challenges you have to face every day. Challenges are difficult to go through alone, and while pets can’t necessarily give you life advice, they certainly make the challenge a little easier. 


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