Top 5 TedEds To Watch Before You Graduate

Top 5 TedEds To Watch Before You Graduate

Isabella Rosenberger

Ted Talks and Ted Eds are informational and opinion oriented videos which feature qualified speakers that get to present about a topic which is, more often than not, fascinating. Whether it be motivational, awareness, interest or simply a new topic to discuss, these videos are great to expand your knowledge across any field of expertise. Here are my top picks for students looking for a bit of insight.


  1. I’ve lived as a man and a woman (Paula Stone Williams)

In this Tedx Talk about experiencing life from both the perspective of a man and a woman, Paula dives into the everyday differences between living as each. Paula was born a male and didn’t transition until she turned sixty. Aware of her own mind, Paula explains that her transition was in motion for years before any physical changes were made. She also compares the reality’s of treatment as both a man and woman. Before Paula transitioned physically, she would travel business class on airplanes, seen as man, treated with what she describes as a standard of respect that she’d always expected. Now, Paula still travels nuisances class, on airplanes, as a professional, yet she isn’t treated like one anymore. 


  1. Who are you, really? (Brian Little)

Brian is a personality psychologist, and in this talk he deconstructs what personality really is and how we develop, and lose, certain traits. Brian uses personal and common examples to explain everyday phenomena within social relationships and communities. He primarily focuses on the contrast between the introverted and extroverted minds, delving in to find an answer for how these two polar opposites can coexist with minimal conflict.


  1. Strange answers to the psychopath test (Jon Ronson) 

Jon, the author of The Psychopath Test and renowned journalist, illustrates his adventure becoming a “certified psychopath spotter” and interviewing a man who faked mental illness to get out of a prison sentence. Jon also talks about society’s understanding of the mental ill and how mental disorders are largely over diagnosed.


  1. The perks of being a pirate (Tom Nash)

Tom Nash is a survivor of a rare disease contracted at the age of 19. After losing his limbs and being left with scars all over his body, Tom found a solution to not being able to play guitar anymore. Beyond that, he talks about how he’s been more resilient through everyday problems due to his being forced to once he lost mobility. Now an expert problem solver, Tom encourages those struggling with disabilities to do the same, try.



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