New Year Resoltuions

New Year Resoltuions

Grace Roberts

2022 is officially over, and with 2023 here and ready, new year’s resolutions are rolling in as they do every year. New year’s resolutions are the goals people make at the start of each year to try to better themselves and mark new beginnings.

 Some popular resolutions are to reach out of one’s comfort zone or learn something new. In 2020, one of the most popular resolutions was to eat healthier, which 43 percent of Americans who set their yearly goal chose. In 2019, a survey found that 48 percent resolved to lose weight and work out. The top most popular resolutions are fairly consistently to be healthier in some way or to lose weight. 

As previously stated, not all resolutions make it through the year. After one month, 64 percent of people who set their goals actually keep up with them. That number drops to 46 percent after six months into the year, leaving more than half unsuccessful in their intentions. Many people who failed their resolutions said they set unrealistic goals, which is understandable. As the new year begins, peoples’ expectations are high, and they can make idealistic goals that can’t always be applied to reality. Other common issues with maintaining their goals are that people either didn’t track their progress or forgot about their plans. Some people set too many resolutions to keep up with, and others did not plan out how to achieve their goals, putting them in the large percentage unable to follow through with their hopes. 

How do we improve the success rate? First, plan ahead of time. If you plan to see a long-term difference, then it isn’t entirely ideal to briefly decide on New Year’s Day. If you can build out a steady objective beforehand, you’ll have more of an idea of what is possible for your schedule. The next step is to be firmly realistic in your resolutions. Building a plan is useless if your goal is arguably unattainable for you. For example, swiftly changing your entire diet won’t immediately happen on January 1st. It would most likely take trial and error since a diet is hard to maintain consistently, being more of a lifestyle change.  

As we continue into the new year, remember to keep track of your resolutions if you choose to make them and if you do choose to make them, be sure that your resolutions are realistic. With perseverance and a well-thought-out strategy, you can achieve your goals and build new hobbies or habits that could be beneficial to you. 



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