Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms


Ava Meikle, Opinions

What is a school uniform, and why do some schools have it? Is it good for students? Does it restrict their personality of not allowing them to wear what they want at school? There are lots of pros and cons to wearing school uniforms. So what are the pros and cons of it?

PROS: A school uniform can show school pride. It can also stop bullying based on clothing, meaning it can stop people from bullying others for what they wear because they’re all wearing the same thing. Furthermore, it makes it easier for kids to get ready for school because they do not have to pick out outfits in the morning. School uniforms can keep the students focused on school and not on their clothes and how they look. It also makes it much easier to spot an unwanted person on campus. 

CONS: A school uniform restricts a student from expressing themself in what they wear since, with a uniform, they all must wear the same clothes. Some uniforms can be very uncomfortable for people as well. For example, if a part of the uniform is a skirt, it would be uncomfortable for those who do not like wearing skirts. Additionally, uniforms can sometimes have a negative impact on students’ self-image. Parents should be able to have a little bit of say in what there child wears. Uniforms can show what school the students go to out in public, which is bothersome to some people. Actions of students wearing the uniform can also hurt the reputation of the school. If a person hurts someone physically or mentally and they’re wearing the uniform, it can affect the school’s reputation.

Now that you know the pros and cons of school uniforms. Are uniforms good for the school to make students, or does it just hurt the school and not help? What do you think?


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Photo: Joseph, B., & Joseph, I. (2014). Pexels.