Latest Research on Nicotine Products

Latest Research on Nicotine Products

There is a huge controversy about whether nicotine is harming our bodies. Some may argue that vaping is healthier that smoking. Though that is somewhat true, the nicotine in the vaping products, can still lead to an addiction, and even further can lead to the eventual smoking of conventional cigarettes. Science News For Students claims that some of the most recent “Studies indicate that electronic cigarettes are not harmless.” Some of the supposed “harmless” chemicals in e-cigarettes can cause and reduce the chance of your lungs being able to keep away harmful germs and bacteria that can find their way inside your body. Though it is true that “ use of e-cigarettes has now surpassed that of conventional cigarettes,” but if you vape your are more likely to start using conventional cigarettes. Some peer pressure has gotten more and more teens tempted to or are already using nicotine products. According to Science News For Students, “ Mitch Zeller [who] directs the Center for Tobacco Products… [says] “ I can say definitely,… that nicotine is harmful to the developing teenage brain. And no teenager, no young person should be using any tobacco or nicotine-containing products.” “


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