The Stress of Homework

Caitlyn Anderson

Being  a high school student, just going through the days can cause much stress and anxiety. The APS’s Stress in America recorded that 30 % of teens have felt sad or depressed due to stress and anxiety from school and 31% of teens have said they felt overwhelmed with school work. Students have so much on their plate at times that they feel too overwhelmed to continue with work and work habits can be degraded.

On average, a typical high school student in the United States will obtain 17.5 hours of homework per week, that is averaging 3.5 hours per night. With going to school around 6.5 hours a day and then having to continue with more work at home, teens will feel overworked, stressed about grades, and getting things completed for school the next morning. These factors can result in sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, feeling unsatisfied with yourself, and more.

Teachers shouldn’t assign hours of homework per night. Each day, we have about an hour to each class where we should be obtaining all information that we need for that day in that particular subject. Assigning loads homework each night doesn’t allow teens to participate in activities they enjoy without feeling cramped with school work and more stress. Although homework can be beneficial to one’s overall knowledge, it can make students feel stressed and overworked after a seven hour day at school.