Peer Pressure


Hailey Ruckle


What is your first impression when you hear about peer pressure? You can’t avoid it, whether it is good or bad. It is in everyday life for everyone. Peer pressure can be pressured to do bad things but it can also be good things. Social media is the biggest form of peer pressure. 

In a recent interview with school counselor, Ms. Ho she shared some thoughts on peer pressure. Something that stood out to me is how she explained how when we are really young we had someone to take care of us as infants. Our parents would feed us etc… Every stage is us getting more independent and taking care of ourselves. Independence is a big part of peer pressure because once we start making decisions for our self we will always have consequences with our actions. Being more independent is always on our mind. We choose our own friend and what we do with our spare time,

Humans have all different ways of dealing with stress. When we our under an extreme amount of pressure to do something your not comfortable doing. The part of you brain called the limbic system is located by the temporal lobe. According to “This part tells you how you feel and what emotions your feeling, when your brain recognizes that your going through a hard spot of your life.” Other people deal with it differently they have a way to cope and get through the day with making a decision that would jeopardize their life just because their want to fit in or look cool.

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