The X Factor vs. The Voice

The Arts and Entertainment Editor gives her opinion on The Voice and The X Factor.

After American Idol, which premiered for its first season in 2002, multiple singing competitions have followed. Now, in 2013, the top singing competition shows are The Voice and The X Factor. Unfortunately for American Idol, the show has decreased significantly in viewers because every original judge has been replaced with other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. When it comes to choosing between The Voice or The X Factor I choose The Voice every time.

The reason I prefer The Voice is because I like the judges. Christina seems more likable this season, Cee Lo seems less creepy–maybe, Adam is just awesome, and I am surprisingly not annoyed by Blake’s jokes yet. If The X Factor judges interacted in a way that did not make me cringe I would watch The X Factor regularly.

The X Factor has replaced two judges for this current season. Kelly Rowland a former member of Destiny’s Child with four grammy awards and Paulina Rubio, a Mexican singer and actress, is basically a second Shakira both in looks and occupations. Which is interesting considering Shakira was a host for the fourth season of The Voice. For this season, The Voice has brought back the original judges Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. Thank god. That does not come from a fan of Usher. Unfortunately there are rumors that Cee Lo might be replaced again next season because he allegedly drugged a girl with ecstasy. The National Broadcasting Company(NBC) has not commented on Cee Lo’s future with the show.

One significant difference between the two shows are how they go about their auditions. The Voice confirms that the singers are good before coming to the blind auditions. Not all singers are picked, but those who do not make it are given constructive criticism and are often encouraged to come back next season. Last season The X Factor dedicated five minutes to former judge Britney Spears’s “stalker,” who sang and danced to Circus, which now has thousands of views on YouTube.

While on the subject of the shows’ connections to YouTube videos, many people may remember Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent. This was at the time that Simon Cowell was a judge and although Boyle hadn’t yet begun to sing, he already was judging her based on her looks. The Voice is less biased because the judges have their backs to the contestant as they sing and only turn when they have decided they like the singer for their voice, hence the name of the show.

The Voice is also the only singing competition that allows viewers to vote through iTunes. This tool allows viewers to actually put the music from the show on their iPod. It’s also an easy way to see who will win before the results show airs.

On The X Factor a singer must be accepted by all judges to get on the show. Then the judges are given a category at “random.” These categories are boys, girls, groups, and over 25. These categories create an idiotic system. A 25 year old and 12 year old would be put in the same group, and for what reason? Because they have less experience? Demi Lovato is a judge on The X Factor and is only 21. Who decided 26 would be too old? On The Voice a singer must choose who they want from the coaches that chose them. These teams are more about personality than age and gender. If you’re a country singer, you’ll probably choose Blake no matter what.

I’m not saying The X Factor is awful. I watch it with my brother all the time. On The X Factor one can learn more about the singer instead of the judges. Which is good considering the last time I watched the show Demi Lovato’s come back for one of her fake fights with Simon Cowell was, “You–you–you know what… shut your face!” And, everything I hear from Shakira 2 makes me think someone is telling her what to say through an earpiece.

The Voice premiered for its fifth season on Sept. 23. and airs every Monday at 8p.m. and Tuesdays at 9p.m. This season of The X Factor (season three) premiered Sept. 11 and will now be on every Wednesday at 8p.m. and Thursday at 9p.m.

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