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  • November 6What does a ghost say when they get hurt? I got a BOO-BOO!

  • April 5Two gold fish are in a tank. One looks at the other and says, "You know how to drive this thing?!?"

  • January 19My grandfather had the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the Cincinnati Zoo

Fall Sports All League Athletes

Ali Campigotto, Sports Editor

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Soccer: Malia Kellerman- Honorable Mention

Soccer: Kaycee Lovell-First Team

Soccer: Audrey Lauer- Second Team

Soccer: Ali Campigotto- First Team

Soccer: Ashleigh Bernhard- First Team

Soccer: Hannah Bebich- Honorable Mention

Soccer: Allison Bryant- Honorable Mention

Soccer: Aoife Duffy- First Team

Soccer: Madison Grande- First Team

Soccer: Faith Wilder- Second Team

Soccer: Bethany Lund- Second Team

Soccer: Lena Janson- Second Team

Soccer: Elyse Donley- Second Team

Soccer: Dani Rodriguez- Second Team

Volleyball: Maeve Griffin- First Team

Volleyball: Laney Lovrovich- Honorable Mention

Football: Chase Wittmers- First Team

Football: Burke Griffin- First Team

Football: Alex Beloate- First Team

Football: Isaac Casey- First Team

Football: Michael Foreman- Second Team

Football: Mason Hyde- Second Team

Football: Isaiah Juvik- Second Team

Football: Ozzy Marten- Second Team

Football: Braeden Potter- First Team

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Fall Sports All League Athletes