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2016 Mock Crash and Memorial

Emily Waters, Video Editor

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Every year the Senior classes of Peninsula High School and Gig Harbor High School attend a mock crash put on by their peers at the end of Auto Safety Week. This year distracted and drunk driving “took the lives” of PHS Senior Maddy Martinez and GHHS Senior Annie Bassett. After the crash students attend a mock memorial in memory of their late peer. The mock crash and memorial highlight the importance of teenage driver safety and the dangers of distracted and drunk driving.

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Emily Waters, Video Editor

Emily Waters is a Senior and a new addition to the Outlook. Emily has a major love for writing and video creation. She has a cat with only three legs that...

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One Response to “2016 Mock Crash and Memorial”

  1. Pandora Taylor on May 25th, 2016 5:01 pm

    You all did a wonderful job. This message is far to important to wait to do this just for the senior class. We need to impact all students starting at age 15. What a powerful message. I will make sure to pass this on. Everyone needs to heed this message from students to parents to all who drive or ride in a vehicle. Thank you

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2016 Mock Crash and Memorial