Artist of the Month: Dakotah Carr


Rachel Smith, A&E Editor

PHS possess a plethora of talented and unique individuals, each with their own skills. Dakotah Carr is one of those that many think of as “one of the “artsy” ones.” Additionally, Carr’s creative displays of Seahawk pride have granted her a very school- spirited reputation.  Currently serving as ASB president, Carr uses numerous projects to showcase her artistic skills throughout the school. Her most memorable pieces include the senior and fishbowl t-shirts, which she recently created.

“I wanted them to look intimidating but cool at the same time,” Carr said.

During the design process for the fishbowl shirts, Carr used creative techniques to make the shirts original from those of past years. The final product features a major symbol of the school, thus helping to bring everyone together for “the big game.”

“I wanted it to have more colors, but the t-shirts would have been expensive, so I used fewer colors so more people could get the T’s. It took me two or three weeks to make because I took a picture of the Purdy Bridge and contrasted it, and I also had to cut things out, and photoshop takes a while,” Carr said.

The 2016 senior shirts were created at the end of the last school year and are just as impressive. However, due to the stressed timing, only 52 were sold to a class of more than 300 students. As a result, Carr is planning on offering the shirts again in January so that more students can have the opportunity to make the purchase.

While the fishbowl t-shirt is black and features a green and gold picture of the Purdy bridge, the senior shirt is white, a seahawk head taking up most of the room on the front. The back of the shirt displays “Go B16 or Go Home.”

In the end, it all comes down to school spirit, which Carr values highly. She hopes to continue to use her artistic skills to raise the number of spirited students.

“It shows that you actually enjoy going to school and that you’re passionate. When everyone dresses up at the same time it’s like a family,” Carr said.