Hawks baseball stings Hornets

Audrey Gainey, Reporter

On the afternoon of April 26th, the sun was shining and the warm air was encompassing the anxious crowd. The Seahawks, and the opposing Enumclaw Hornets, took turns warming up on home field. Sophomore Jimmy Ritchie practiced his pitches on the mound, while other players practiced batting in the foreground.

In the first inning, not one run was scored by Enumclaw. Junior, Ben Weymiller, scored the Seahawks first run. Both teams defended their bases with such prowess, no runs were made in the second inning.

Senior Mitch Gourley scored the Seahawk’s second run of the game. Now, with Enumclaw down by two points, the team huddled up and discussed strategy for making a comeback.

Enumclaw scored three runs in the fourth inning. These three runs came as a relief to Enumclaw fans, and a woe for the Seahawk fans.

“I was feeling nervous by the end of the fourth inning because of Enumclaw’s drastic comeback,” Christian Lewis, a junior said.

Senior Zach Ringer evened out the scoreboard in the fourth inning by scoring another run for the Seahawks. Now, in a deadly headlock, both teams strove to keep their opponents from scoring another again. In the fifth inning, neither side made it around the bases to home, holding the scoreboard at three to three.

Robert Kvinsland, a junior, broke the stalemate by scoring a run for the Seahawks in the sixth inning.

By the seventh inning the fans of both teams fiddled nervously on the bleachers, as Enumclaw once again evened out the score board. With the score four to four, it was up to the last Seahawk batter to bring home the win.

Lewis was on second base when Ringer hit a line-drive up the middle, which gave Lewis the opportunity to earn a run for the Seahawks.

“[The win] gave the team more confidence for future games,” Ringer said.