Jaquori McLaughlin at top of state basketball talent

A standing of how basketball star McLaughlin matches up against his state competition


1. Shaqquan Aaron – A 6-foot-7 forward who is considered a forward, but can also play guard with his shooting and dribbling ability. His skill in driving to the basket is unheard of. Aaron has committed to Louisville as a senior at Rainier Beach High School and has great potential.






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2. Tramaine Isabell – A 6-foot-1 guard for Garfield High School, can dribble like Chris Paul with his signature move, behind the back reverse spin and he can shoot like Stephen Curry. He goes hard to the basket everytime he has the ball and gets assists like Magic Johnson. Isabell has committed to Washington State as a senior.







3. Dejounte Murray – At 6-foot-4, this guard can do it all. He’s not a flashy Paul George, or Kobe, he plays fundamental basketball and gets buckets. He has great court vision and phenomenal scoring ability. Murray is a junior and has offers from Washington, Oregon, California, Boise State, Washington State, and Gonzaga. Murray also has great potential.






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4. Josh Martin – At 6-foot-7, he is tall for a forward but he has freakish athleticism and potential. He is known for throwing it down and making kids look like amateurs at the block. Although he can finish at the rim with  a variety of dunks, he has deep range from behind the arc. Martin has committed to Minnesota as a senior.







5. Isiah  Brown – As a 6-foot-1 sophomore guard, this kid can shoot, dribble and drive to the basket like a pro. He is very athletic and talented. He is known for shooting off the dribble with a nice clean, smooth jumpshot. Brown has offers from the University of Washington and Washington State.






Although all these players are phenomenal athletes and ball players, they don’t compare to Jaquori McLaughlin. The Seahawks 6-foot-3 point guard (#0) averaged 13 points a game last year as a freshman and was selected to the All-South Sound Puget Sound League 3A first team, hopes to raise his potential for the 2013-14 season by averaging at least 25 points, eight assists, and five steals. Mclaughlin has committed to Oregon State as a sophomore and hopes his scoring ability will translate well there. To see Jaquori play, check the schedule out:


Also check out his game against Gig Harbor (rivalry school) last year, during the 2012-13 season: