Mystery of an Author


Cassidy Krisman

I always thought it strange

when authors would publish their own names  on their books in a larger font than the title. 

Previously, this seemed odd to me – to put yourself “before” your work. 


But now, as a poet myself, I see this thought has no merit to it. Because now

I think it makes sense – it is YOUR work. 

Stories created from nothing but your own brain’s flashing electrolytes.

You deserve to have your name as big as you want. 

You made it, all of it, each inked word and you should take all the pride in that that you



If I ever publish a book of my poems, 

I know that it will be my heart, soul, emotion, and absolutely all of me. 

So the title of the book would be irrelevant, because truly, you’d be reading ME.

I could throw another handful of words together to describe it, but really 

you are reading everything I am. 


No author really needs a title for their work. Sure, it hooks an audience, grabs their

attention. But truly, a name holds just as much power. 

And why would you want readers that don’t value YOU as a person, over your exquisite

work? When, after all, you were the creator of such beauty? 

Authors deserve recognition as people – for more than the mazes of words traveling

through their brains.


So for me, a name 

will always pique my interest more than a title, because I am DYING to know,


Who are you?

Why did you write this?

What do you want me to understand about you, through these written words?