The Hawk Shoppe

The Hawk Shoppe

Cassidy Krisman

The Hawk Shoppe is a well-known destination for PHS students. Open during lunch, it’s a great place to buy energy drinks, coffee, and snacks. However, it serves a larger purpose (besides meeting the demand for energy in the form of caffeine) for the students who run the shop. 

Marketing is a class offered here at PHS, and those who take the class have the opportunity to utilize their skills in a hands-on way in the shop. Mr. Griffin, the marketing teacher, describes these as “practical life skills needed upon graduation.” These skills include customer service, inventory, and money management (counting, pricing, and profits). Marketing and promotional skills are also applied – Hawk Shoppe students advertise programs around the school, like sports, clubs, band, and choir. They also volunteer at events held by these to broaden their customer service skills beyond other students. 

Aside from spritzers and marketing skills, the Hawk Shoppe has another important role – promoting PHS pride. There are several options for school merchandise (which students can even personalize!). New merch comes out for major events around the school, like Fishbowl, homecoming, and other football games. The Hawk Shoppe plays a bigger role in bringing students together than most realize. Handprints with the names of marketing students from past years scatter the walls. Green and white colors resembling PHS pride are everywhere. Anyone who enters the shop feels the school spirit in the form of the contributions these marketing students make around the school. The money spent and earned belongs to the ASB, which means the funds go directly into bettering the school in ways that benefit the entire student body! 

Every purchase made by buying spritzers, coffee, merch, or snacks allows the marketing students to practice their skills in a hands-on way, and customers get to directly contribute to keeping PHS awesome!