The Impact of After School Jobs on High School Students


Mackenzie Dahl , Opinions

Teenagers often find themselves wanting to get a job for the paycheck. Whether it be to save for the future or spend on personal expenses, money is a substantial motivator. Many teens desire to be independent but are not always aware of the sacrifices one must make when managing school and work. 

Having a job comes with many benefits. They help you attain new skills, learn how to manage money, and experience an environment outside of school and home. All this may sound positive, but teenagers often get overwhelmed by the negative aspects of having a job after school. Maintaining a job as an adolescent attending school requires you to excel in both perspectives, which can be a major setback for many. 

School should be a student’s top priority, but it is easy to get distracted. Considering technology, work, extracurricular activities, and building relationships are all a part of life, it’s easy to overload yourself. I interviewed a few of my peers attending Peninsula High School and asked them if they felt working during school affected them positively or negatively. Most responded that maintaining a job after school impacted them positively and negatively. They agree that learning in a new setting and acquiring more skills has benefited them. However, the limited amount of free time they have is overwhelming. 

It is important for students to prioritize their schoolwork before after-school responsibilities. Though having to work outside of school may be stressful for some, the motivation and effort put toward school are impacted the most by poor time management. Students must understand the importance of balance before obtaining a job during school. Ultimately, students are affected both positively and negatively, depending on their time management. Students should be aware of their initial habits in regard to school work and decide for themselves if it is something they believe they can handle. Remember to weigh out the risks and rewards before jumping into decisions and to always use good time management to maintain balance.