NFL Wild Card


Tyeler Heald, Writer


Hello PHS NFL fans, what a crazy Wild card round we just had this weekend, we saw matchups that included Bills at Texans, Titans at Patriots, Vikings at Saints, and Seahawks at Eagles, before we get into who one lets go into the favorites of wildcard weekend. The most likely results according to was, for the AFC the Bills beating the Texans who would face the team holding the reigning NFL MVP Chiefs at the Chiefs Home field next week, the Patriots defeating the Titans to go face the Ravens at home facing the running machine of Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Baltimore. The rival conference the NFC had the Saints projected to beat Minnesota to play the Gun-Slinging Green Bay Packers. And the division rivals facing off with the Seahawks facing off against the deadly defence of the 49ers.



  • The Texans over the Bills in a 22-19 overtime victory
  • The Titans upset the favored Patriots 20-13 with a walk off pick-six
  • Vikings upset the Saints in a 26-20 overtime war
  • The Seahawks over the Eagles with a dominate 17-9 victory 



  • Vikings at 49ers
  • Titans at Ravens
  • Texans at Chiefs
  • Seahawks at Packers  



(Games not played, but predicted by a professional)

  • 49ers over Vikings 27-24
  • Ravens over Titans 31-21 
  • Chiefs over Texans 35-24
  • Packers over Seahawks 28-21


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