New Peninsula Superintendent

New Peninsula Superintendent

New Peninsula Superintendent

Ethan Kelemen, Reporter

Many people in the district have heard about the new superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis. The big question is; will this be a positive change for the district?

This change affects more than students and teachers — parents. Christine Feeney, a mom of a student at Peninsula High, said she does not know how the new superintendent will act but “I have high hopes because he seems like an amazing fit.” Feeney comments on possible changes to the district, she said “Maybe it will but i hope this will be a good change to help the kids grow.”

We also have to look at how this change impacts teachers. Ms. Kurtz, a Peninsula High School teacher said “he seems very kind and he seems to want to help the district not just to gain power.” Many things can change very fast in the world, Ms. Kurtz believes the changes the new superintendent will be for the better “he is the kind of person that lives with strong morals and he wants to help everyone.”

Also the new administration affects students, Joey Camarata a junior at Peninsula, said “I never met the guy, but from how the teachers act when he gets brought up it seems like we will be in for a great time and some good change.” Camarata has visions on what he might like to see changed,  “maybe later start to the days so we can sleep a little longer because high school students seem to sleep through the first two period of the day anyways.” This seems like something so simple, many seem to want, but underlying problems of schedule changes, bus routes, and other expenses do factor in.

This new superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis has been working in education for more than 50 years. He was Tacoma school districts’ superintendent from 2007-2012, then was Renton’s interim superintendent from 2014-2016, and he is with Peninsula from 2018-now. This seems like good news for Peninsula, because they have someone who has been around for a long time and who knows what they are doing with their job.

Jarvis has not only the full unanimous backing of the board, but the backing of teachers students and parents. Many people are excited to see change in the district. Addison K, a student in the district who would love to see change to help the district, “I hope to see a bigger push for later school starts because i go to bed early and it’s still hard to go through the first two classes without falling asleep, especially during winter.”  

It seems that the district is in good hand and that there will be some good change on the way. Do not forget to wish the superintendent the best of luck and to give him all of your support.