New Year’s Resolutions

Cole McVay, reporter

The start of the year is an exciting time around the school for many reasons. The new year gives a reason to have a fresh start, be a new you, and fix the qualities in your life that need improvement. A great way to start the year is to set a New Year’s resolution. A New Year’s resolution gives an opportunity to set and achieve goals to help your personal well being.

Students all over Peninsula High School set New Year’s resolutions and share them with each other. Some New Year’s resolutions could even be small tasks. Junior William Wright said “My resolution is to just be a way nicer guy… Being a nicer guy will bring me so much joy just because I know i’ll be making other people in my life happier with my kindness.”

Another example of a small New Years Resolution is Junior Burke Griffins New Years resolution, “Be more patient with my friends and family.” As small as this is, New Year’s resolution is it will make Griffin feel like a better person nevertheless. “My new Year’s resolution will make me happy because if i can stick to my goal then i’ll become a better friend, family member and hopefully future father.”

New Year’s Resolutions are nothing new to the student body of Peninsula High School; students have made New Year’s resolutions in the past and kept them as well. Senior Madison Grande said “In the past my New Year goals have been to work harder in sports and school and i’ve honestly been able to say that I kept to that. I worked hard enough to earn a college soccer scholarship to Concordia University because i kept working hard in the classroom and on the field.” Grande also said she’s not afraid to hide her New Year’s resolutions. “I share them with my friends and family to let them know my goals for the New Year and the new me I hope to become.”

More Students spoke on their personal new year’s resolutions and aspirations for 2019. Senior Caitlin Habenicht said “My New Year’s resolution is to keep my room cleaned because i’m a messy girl and i’m trying to fix that part of me in this New Year.” Habenicht believes if she can keep her room clean it will only benefit her, “If i can live this clean lifestyle i’ll be able to be a more organized person.”

These New Year’s resolutions give the school a more upbeat vibe and a positive educational environment. New Year’s resolutions make people come around and act more kind and treat others with more respect. The start of the New Year is beneficial for students, teachers, and even staff. You can feel the fresh start and the good vibes in the air. The start of the New Years is a magical time for everyone.

Madison Grande smiling her way into the new year.
William Wright ready to begin his awesome year.
Burke Griffin excited for what he’s going to bring in 2019
Caitlin Habenicht excited for her spectacular year to start