Competitive Paintball in Washington


South Sound Photography

Competitive Paintball league getting ready to rumble.

Ethan Kelemen, Reporter

photo by: South Sound Photography

Imagine sitting on a field with one man left. The timers running down for the match to end and you are up by one. The buzzer rings as you see 3 guys running at you, your best friends are cheering for you, you have won. That is the rush of competitive paintball. “Paintball gave me something to do in life besides sit around. The love from the teams and my team makes me stay. I will die on this field!”Anthony Bonilla said.

With many things for students to do in the world some are bad and some are good. One good one that many kids are starting to discover is tournament paintball.  The tightly knit community of fun loving friends who get to be rowdy on Saturdays and Sundays. This is what paintball is all about.

The highly competitive sport that is played world wide can help many kids get out and active. Even for people who don’t want to jump into competitive, there is a fun relaxed side called woodsball. Woodsball is another type of paintball that involves bunkers in the woods on large fields and lots of players. Many of the players come out to play woodsball. Many people who don’t want a competitive play style play in the woods. Mathew Mitchell, one of the woods players, said “Woodsball lets me meet new people who come from all over in life and i can destress after a hard week at work.”