Peninsula School Spirit


Melissa Hansen

A white Out theme at one of the 2021 volleyball games

Isabella Hansen

Whether or not you are an avid football or volleyball fan, chances are you have gone to your fair share of Peninsula games. Many high schoolers that go to a sports game don’t go for the sports. They go to have a chance to see friends, make memories, and have the opportunity to cheer on Peninsula players. For Peninsula, football and volleyball are a couple of the most common sports games to attend. Each game usually has a theme, such as a beach out, neon, white out, or pink out. Most students that attend football or volleyball games participate in these themes.

Going to a Peninsula High School game can be very rewarding. You may meet new people, see old friends, or even witness the perfect sports play. Remember that a large part of the high school experience is becoming a part of something. Though it is just one night, that one night may make someone feel like they are part of a group. That is the main reason why having a theme for these games is vital; it brings a new level of excitement.

Olivia Beal, a senior volleyball player at Peninsula High School, said she “likes it when there is a student section there, it can be nerve-racking, but when I’m playing, I don’t notice it.” Beal has been playing volleyball for seven years (both high school and club) and is now on the volleyball varsity team. When talking about the different themes involved with volleyball games, she said that “for the players, it doesn’t really matter, but for the student section, it makes it fun.” Beal loves to participate in themes while going to sports games that she is not playing in. Beal went on to say, “I love playing with all my friends, and I love my coaches, and it’s always fun.”

Sports games can easily become a great event for high schoolers to show school spirit and make more friends. For many people, it is a way to get through the day or even the week if they know they are going to a volleyball or football game. You may be someone that would rather stay at home, but remember that participating in a sports event can make your night amazing and your school experience even better.