Check Out Environmental Club!


Forrest Stoican

Outlook interviewed Emily Fisher, the President of Environmental Club, to find out more about the club.


What is the club about?

Environmental club is about providing memorable experiences through bringing people together to discuss, volunteer, and create anything involving the environment. We focus on being sustainable and bring light to issues involving the environment. We are a progressive club and strive to make change. 


What do you do at the club?

During club we generate goals that are achievable and work on completing those goals through various activities like research, projects, that all include having fun! We do a lot of volunteering and are committed to recycling after school everyday. Last year we got a grant to install a water bottle filling station and this year we are working toward more exciting projects. We plant trees around campus, do campus clean-ups, and do various Gig Harbor volunteering. Last year we ran the arts & crafts at the annual Gig Harbor Arbor Day celebration. 

Last year’s Environmental Club planting trees.

When and where does the club meet?

Room 401 After school Tuesdays, but the day may change soon.


Why should people join the club?

Joining environmental club is the easiest way to make an impact on the world. We need your help to make a difference, and every small eco-friendly decision can add up to unfathomable differences. We hope to see all you environmentalists on Tuesday!