Staff Profile: Dr. Joe Potts


Forrest Stoican

Going into the 2019-2020 school year we got a new principal, Dr. Joe Potts! Dr. Potts was a superintendent but wanted to experience something new. The position of Principal called his name. 


Dr. Potts went to undergrad at a small private college in Iowa called Loras College. He finished his masters and doctorate at the University of Iowa. From the start, Dr. Potts was very set on education and teaching because that is what he enjoyed. He ended up graduating as an English major. Potts came to Peninsula High School after 10 years in high school administration in the Kent School District. Upon first glance, he saw that Peninsula High School has a very good reputation and great leadership. The students impressed him by being very polite and respectful. He always has his door open to the students and he is always out in the commons during lunch. Potts stated “Being visible, engaging students and listening to them helps them understand that this is a great place to spend time and to have them know that people support them and care about them that pay attention.” Potts wants his students to know that there are people that support and care about them. He’s very focused on student input rather than feedback.


The outstanding amount of support from the school community really impressed Dr. Potts. During the summer while he was preparing for the school year, over 150 volunteers showed up to do something on the school, like moving dirt, or painting hallways.


If you’re walking through the halls and see Dr. Potts make sure you stop and say hi!