Peninsula Volleyball: 2018-19 Season Preview

Peninsula High School Varsity Volleyball team wins tournament.

Andrea Erkers

Peninsula High School Varsity Volleyball team wins tournament.

Clare Dickson, Reporter

The 2018 volleyball teams have been doing remarkable so far this season! Over all they have eight wins and five losses so far. Everyone has very high hopes as it continues. Tommi Gallucci, a freshman on the varsity team this year, says she is “super excited about the rest of the season”. She is an outside hitter and the only freshman on the Varsity team this year. She says that it is a lot of pressure but she is “loving every second of it”.

Peninsula High School’s varsity team took on Gig Harbor High School on Thursday September 27th, and beat them for the first time in 35 years. This was a huge win for the Seahawks.

The JV team has also been doing very good so far this season as well. Katie Donahoe is a freshman outside hitter on the junior varsity team. She says that her “favorite part about playing peninsula volleyball is the team environment and Coach V”. In Katie’s opinion, the best game that the junior varsity team has played so far was against Gig Harbor. The team is very optimistic for the rest of the coming season.

The C team has also succeeded. Maddy Sturn is a freshman libero on the team and she loves it. Sturn says that she “loves being part of a team,” and is “very blessed to get the chance to play.” Coach Smith is doing a fantastic job at showing the girls how to have fun and play hard on a team. Sturn is excited for the team to “progress and improve”. All in all, the volleyball girls are very happy to be playing and the Peninsula volleyball teams are all like family.