Olivia Fillingham

David Bessex, Reporter

Olivia Fillingham was chosen to be the first of two artists for the month of November. Fillingham was chosen because Curtiss Hall recommended her for the honor. Our staff sat down and talked with her.

1. Q: What is your name and grade?

A: ‘’My name is Olivia Fillingham and I am a senior at Peninsula high school.’’

2. Q: What type of artwork do you do?

A: ‘’I do every type of art in existence because it’s fun to do and it’s a nice stress reliever.’’

3. Q: Who are you inspired by?

A: “My friends I guess, my real close friends in my neighborhood.’’

4. Q: What’s your favorite art piece and why?

A: Her favorite art is Of Malevolence and Corruption, the one shown in the picture, because it uses a lot of paint, pen and colored pencils, which are her three favorite type of arts to use.

5. Q: Will you continue to pursue this artwork in the future? Why?

A: “Yes, because I’m going to an art college that is based on this kind of stuff.”

6. Q: How often do you practice this art form?

A: Fillingham spends time every day working on art.