The Hawk Shop: Behind the Scenes

Molly Clark, A&E Editor

The Peninsula Hawk Shop, opened in the 80s’, is something students and faculty witness everyday, even though exceedingly taken for granted. Hundreds go in weekly and receive their order yet the behind the scenes process of this piece of our PHS home isn’t as isn’t as well known.

Abby Beck and Aurora Morrow, leaders of the Delta Epsilon Chi and the Distributive Education Clubs of America, otherwise known as the DECA program, are two Hawk Shop workers who shared the run-down of how everything revolving around the store work.

“We start off and we do sinks, we bag cookies, everybody gets their aprons on, the till person has to go through and count the money and then we open the doors and everybody comes in. It’s just kind of the flow. There are directions on the walls and you just have to go for it. There’s not a lot of instruction. We kind of just throw everyone in there because that’s how real stores are going to be,” said Abby.

The Hawk Shop is run by the Marketing class and is used as a tool to give students job experience. When asked if working in the store made it easier in the job field, Aurora and Abby both concurred.

“If I want to get a job, I have Micha and Robles to automatically give me a recommendation letter. I have managing experience and espresso experience. It’s set me up to get really any job I want,” said Beck.

One can infer that as a Marketing student, this experience is a huge opportunity. It can give you experience, knowledge, insight and even an idea of what you might like to do with your time post-high school.

For students interested in making the leap into becoming a Hawk Shop worker but need the motivation, it is strongly encouraged by the workers along with DECA. It gives students real life experience they could never receive in a regular Marketing Class.

“DECA is an amazing program and working in the store has given me so many great memories,” said Morrow.

“You’ll gain group work skills because it’s hard to work with your friends or people you like, especially as a manager. It’s hard to be in charge and it gives you those everyday skills of being able to keep a friendly atmosphere but still make sure things are getting done,” said Beck.

The Hawk Shop is associated with a large feeling of PHS pride that can be very important for students to feel. This is because it is a student run store. Therefore knowing you are responsible for such a successful thing, is a very wonderful thing for young adults.

“It gives you basic work skills but also, it’s just nice for students to be able to buy snacks. It benefits everyone involved,” said Aurora.

The Hawk Shop needs more recognition for being the outlet and tool it is.

Abby said, “If people got really into it, it would be amazing.”