Emma and Lauren Kilcup

“Emma is very simply – incredible. She has the maturity, an attention to detail and an uncanny ability to manage herself and one hundred people at one time. As this years theatre stage manager, Emma, for the first time in history of PHS theatre, “called” a show. She was responsible to call every light and sound and effects cue for an entire show – she truly ran the show. Emma provided incredible leadership for our casts this year; she knew the script and what all actors were supposed to do better then I did, and I am the director. She kept me on task, inspired me, organized me and kept me sane – and because she was able to do all these things and because she is, most importantly, an incredible human being. Students and the staff of the PHS theatre department know that Emma truly is PHS top 1.”

– Mrs.Beloate

“Lauren Kilcup is a student who is focused, kind to others, honest, and quietly shows/models to others “the right way to do things” She seeks excellence at all times and inspires others to follow in her footsteps. Her determination to reach her goals is inspiring and motivates others to have the same determination in their own lives. She is involved in so much and works to include everyone in whatever she does. Truly an inspiring individual in her positivity and it shines brightly through her character”

– Anonymous

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