Oldies: The Connection For Every Generation


Aris Sanders

Old music is a part of every generation!

Molly Clark, Reporter

A forever re-occurring attribute is music; music is a constant in our lives that many don’t even seem to notice anymore. There’s music in elevators and there’s music in stores. You walk into school and the vast majority has at least one earbud in. The only aspect changing regarding music is the type someone enjoys. With so many genres, you don’t always come across people with the same interests as you. However, a specific category that runs rare in high school students is music from the past.

It’s understandable why many don’t always gravitate towards it. There’s a generation gap. But for the ones who have, for many it was what they were raised on.

“My parents listened to a lot of 80’s so even if I didn’t like it at first, I had to learn to like it because I was hearing it so often,” said Savannah Barnett. If so many of old music’s young listeners are having it passed onto them by the generations that grew up with it, then how will it be passed on to even more generations? Chances are more likely we would be passing on the music from we when grew up which will turn into the new “old music”. The all in all question is, Why is keeping old music relevant so important?

“It’s important because the majority of music nowadays is about irrelevant topics. Music of the 70’s and older generations is almost like an art form. The lyrics are far more thought out and beautiful versus lyrics nowadays. I appreciate older things now because of it, it’s given me a certain respect for things not of my generation,” said Vivienne Reum.

“It helps me to interpret things in a different way and makes me who I am completely. Everything is music,” said Jonah Carter.

“Cause it’s the original stuff. No one can remake the old music, it’s its own thing,” said Barnett. For those who think of old music as a key factor to their lives, this is where they draw their inspiration. For many people old music inspired them to take up an instrument and pursue music on a personal level. It gave them a completely new view on music versus what you typically hear on the mainstream radio. Which is often described as “eye opening”.

“Especially since I play guitar, it increases how passionate I am about it which is very,” said Carter. With everyone who appreciates the old music being so passionate, their infatuation with the genre is clear and will be the reason the old music continues to be and remains relevant to all generations.