Grace Lewis

Karen Ramirez is a part of the PHS office staff.

Karen Ramirez

What do you want the students to know about you? “I know quite a lot of the students because I worked at Harbor Ridge for 10 years. I have a daughter who goes here and my two boys went here. And I love having all the kids coming in to ask questions. Something people don’t know about me is that I have been in every state except Hawaii.”

What is your favorite food? “My favorite is Mexican and Thai food. And chocolate.”

What is your favorite PHS memory? “Well it’s one long memory. I am on the scholarship committee and I love seeing all the hard work kids put in. And then when they submit their portfolios and watching us give away all that money.”

What did you do before PHS? “I used to be in the healthcare industry.”  

Do you have a secret talent or hobby? “I love to sew and I love crafting.”

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