Choir Scrambles to Raise $60,000 in 6 Months


Lauren Gilman

PHS Choir Car Wash.

Lauren Gilman, Reporter

As spring approaches, urgency sets in on Peninsula’s choir: they have been invited to New York, and leave on April 2nd. They have been asked to perform “John Rutter’s Last Requiem” at Carnegie Hall.

Field trips are a great way of exposing students to a new culture. Last spring, Peninsula Choir traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to listen to music and experience a newfound appreciation behind musical history. This spring, the choir takes to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall.

“In New York, we are going to go sing at Carnegie Hall. We’re going to perform a requiem which is going to be a lot of fun, it’s really expensive and a lot of music to learn,” Choir President John Rooney said.

This amazing opportunity comes at a cost: $2,000 per student. Choir students must now work together to raise enough money to send 30 students on the trip of a lifetime. The choir class has come up with many ideas on how to raise money.

“We have planned to do a choir concert with a dinner before, we’re going to do an auction in February, we’re going to do takeovers for Fondi and for Applebee’s, they’ve done a car wash already… and as many other events that we can,” Choir VTO, Micah Cranford, said.

The choir class is also trying to master 64 pages of music, 54 minutes of performance, and seven movements. Our singers are going to be partnered with professional soloists and a highly esteemed orchestra. This is a huge amount of work to master, but our choir is optimistic and ready to take on the challenge.

In addition to performing the choir has other events planned.

“The performance is the huge part but we’re also going to see a broadway show and we’re going to go and see several historic sights, we’re going to see the ground zero museum, see the statue of liberty, and we have this cool boat ride after our concert that we’re going to have a dinner cruise around the statue of liberty,” Mrs. Ellis said.

Choir has set their eyes on this goal and won’t stop until it’s achieved.

“It’s going to be really fun, it’s going to be a pretty big experience for all of us and it’s going to be a good bonding time,” Rooney said.