Victoria Johnson Making her March

Nikki Schobert

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Victoria Johnson playing for DCI (photo credit Victoria Johnson).

Victoria Johnson takes a few deep breaths of the cold fall air and mentally runs through her sets. The tip of her hat blocks the stadium lights and she sees the drum major turn around and raise his arms to start the show. It’s now or never.

At 18 years old, Victoria has already made it into the ranks of the highly esteemed professional marching band, Drum Corps International. For Johnson, it’s a constant battle between balancing school and marching. Johnson must work hard if she wants to continue competing.

“It’s just really something I’ve been passionate about, and the dedication that it takes to be precise about what you’re doing and to put that much effort and work into making something powerful,” Johnson said.

She will march as long as she can to feel the rush of an amazing polished performance.”

— Nikki Schobert

2015 was a big year for Johnson. She spent her summer marching with Eruption, a band of high school students from separate schools that yearn for more experience. After traveling with the band, she auditioned for the Seattle Cascades in Fall 2015.

Starting in January, band camp is a weekend long once a month. After camp, 17 hour move-in rehearsals start in early May/June. With practice comes perfection, which is what the Cascades need before they go on their summer tour.

“I think that Victoria definitely deserves it. It’s something she’s very passionate about, that she’s willing to put forth a lot of time and effort too. And I feel like she’s very enthusiastic about it,” PHS drum major Lachlan Keenan said.

Johnson’s senior year will be her last with the Peninsula marching band, but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves. She will march as long as she can to feel the rush of an amazing polished performance.

“She is really committed to trying to do whatever the concept is, to the best of her ability. She really desires to do everything as best as she possibly can,” Justin Ehli said.

Johnson will be doing her absolute best for as long as she can.