Who is Ms. Houston?

Reporter Molly Clark introduces PHS english teacher, Ms. Houston.

Reporter Molly Clark introduces PHS english teacher, Ms. Houston.

Molly Clark, Reporter

With so many new teachers at PHS this year, it’s difficult for one to stand out from the rest. Ms. Houston, the new english teacher, seems to possess multiple qualities that have caught the eye of many. One that stands out to freshmen Luke Golden is her way of influencing.

“She has a very specific way of teaching. She has a lot of interaction with the kids,” said Golden.

From ‘Good News Mondays’ to making sure everyone knows each other’s names, she is dedicated to making sure her classroom is tight-knit.

“One of the first things she did was she tried to make sure we all knew everyone’s names,” Noah Bush said.

In addition to learning names, Houston has other quirks that stand out as well. One being she only allows students to write with pen. The reason behind this is so students don’t feel the need to cover up their mistakes. Houston’s grandfather taught her this practice while playing crossword puzzles when she was young. Also, when writing in class, she always give the option for students to share what they have written, if they would like.

These traits all play a role in how she helps students to be confident. By giving them a safe outlet to read their writing in front of a small group, their confidence goes up from the support they receive. The same with writing in pen. Taking zero shame in the fact that everyone makes mistakes helps her students to be more comfortable with themselves.  

“I think that teaching is really important, maybe even the most important job. Therefore, I don’t think you can approach it mildly. You have to really empower students to be confident and passionate as well,” Houston said.

Those around her seem to notice this passion instantly. Both Noah Bush and Luke Golden pointed out they felt she really wants them to learn from her.

“I have a lot of passion for life. I feel that whether in the classroom or wherever, you have to really live,” Houston said.

The final quality Ms. Houston presents that seems to be worth talking about is her rule of being present. Being present is one standard in Houston’s class that is unavoidable. With all of that being said, Ms. Houston is making her mark on PHS in more ways than one.  

“Wherever you are, you have to be all there. You can’t do life halfway,” she said.