Girls bowling is not (quite) extinct


PHS girls bowling team (2015-2016)

Victoria Reese, Reporter

This year with only one girl left on the PHS bowling team, Olivia Ramirez has made a tremendous effort to raise awareness about the sport and the upcoming season. So far, there has been a lot of interest, but she does not know if any of the girls will actually play.

“I would really enjoy the company of more team members and the support of more fans from Peninsula,” Ramirez said.  

Ramirez has her mind set on the upcoming season, working really hard with the athletic department to try and promote the girls bowling team.  

“I set up a table at Seahawk 101 to help advertise, I’m making posters to hang up in the hallway, and I’m having Mr. Goodwin announce signups in the announcements,” she said.

She isn’t the only one ready for the upcoming season, Ross Filkins the athletic director has high hopes as well.

“20 girls have shown interest this year, we need at least five for an entire team, then we’ll be able to get transportation and hopefully have a larger support system” Filkins said.

Five is a big jump from the current team of one, but the word is getting out and there is a strong possibility that bowling will be rolling this winter. Both Ramirez and Filkins have been trying their best to increase the number of girls to join. Ramirez is determined to get more members involved in the PHS girls bowling team.

“The girls that were interested wrote their names down on a signup sheet, I’m going to send them a personal note reminding them to sign up, I’m also working with Angie in the Athletic office to hand out sign up forms along with a lollipop for the girls who grab a sheet to sign up,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez encourages everyone even remotely interested in girls bowling to show up; all are welcome!