Annabelle Yedinak

Annabelle Yedinak has a few skeletons in her closet. Actually, that is not quite true. She has exactly two skeletons in her car that keep her company as she drives around Gig Harbor hustling from school to work and then on the weekends to the latest concert, comic convention or superhero movie.

She is a busy young lady who, despite her ambitious workload, constantly keeps a great sense of humor. At school, Annabelle has been the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook for the past three years. I came in as the teacher with very little experience and instantly relied on Annabelle to be more of a colleague than student. We partnered up to take on the 240-page beast that is expected of us each year. Quickly, she developed into a thoughtful, empathetic leader who also knows how to push peers to get things done. In addition to yearbook she leads the art and anime clubs.

I expect that someday we will see her creative prowess in the credits of a major video game, movie or art showcase. She is a formidable combination of passion, creativity, kindness and fun.


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