Mother’s Day without a Mother


Riley Rosi

Reporter, Riley Rosi, covers what it is like to celebrate Mother’s Day without a Mother.

Riley Rosi, Reporter

Mother’s day is celebrated all over the world: it is the one day when you commemorate the person who loves you unconditionally no matter how many mistakes are made or how many times you argue. Your mother knows you better than you know yourself. Unfortunately, not all of us can honor our mothers the way we want to.

Senior, Cassidy Rosi and Junior, Carson Rosi lost their mom, Wendi, to cancer in January 2014. For them, Mother’s Day hasn’t been the same since. They described their mother as kind, caring, selfless and as the best mom in the world. They used to celebrate Mother’s Day by making homemade cards and picking lilacs for their mom. Some of their favorite memories include going out to dinner and the movies with their mom and grandma, going camping, and driving out to the Auburn Game Farm Park to see the animals.

“Mother’s Day used to mean that I could show my mom that I loved her,” said Cassidy Rosi.

Today, they commemorate Mother’s Day by writing messages on balloons and letting them float up to Heaven. Their mom was the glue that held their family together.

“Now, Mother’s Day serves to remember her, all the great things she did for our family, how she was there for all of us , and to recognize how great of a mother she was,” said Carson Rosi

Not just a mother was lost, but a daughter was as well. Michele Luckey, the Rosi girls’ grandmother, has loved being a part of her grandchildren’s lives.  She has taken great pleasure in watching them grow and mature. Though Luckey has always been a part of her grandkids’ lives, she has gone from grandmother to mother in a matter of years. She teaches them that they are special and well loved, showing them what Mother’s Day will mean to them when they are mothers; she believes it’s the best job on earth.

“I think they’ll enjoy Mother’s Day, especially when they have their own children. Right now it might be a little bit sad, but they remember the good times with their mom because that’s all there were: good times,” said Luckey.

Luckey’s favorite Mother’s Day memory is when her daughter, Wendi, made her breakfast in bed- cereal with loads and loads of sugar in it. Though, she no longer has a daughter to celebrate her on Mother’s Day, she has four grandchildren that do. Getting to spend time with her grandkids and share memories of Wendi is the most precious gift that they can give to her.

Some important advice that the Rosi sisters give to peers who have lost their mom is “Don’t forget about Mother’s Day, don’t avoid remembering your mom and celebrating her, because it’s going to come up in your life. You have to recognize and appreciate the time you had with your mother, however little it was.”

Mother’s Day can be a very difficult holiday for some, but there is always some way or someone to celebrate or to show your appreciation toward.