The PHS Entertainer ‘raps’ up another amazing talent show


Nathan Johnson

Eric Wang during his performance.

Nathan Johnson, Reporter

 The talent show this year was an extravagant event that left the audience wanting more. Each act had its own beautiful flare that created one heck of a night. Individuals on stage moved the crowd to ovations that could’ve been heard oceans away and one of these individuals shined brighter than a midday sun on a 110 degree day.

12th grader Eric Wang blew up the crowd with lyrics hotter than the earth’s core. Students and parents alike screamed with joy when Wang’s beat dropped and his rhymes were prime. Wang is known around the school as The PHS Entertainer, his videos and raps are just a small portion of what Wang is capable of. Wang and rapping came together like two magnets.

“Rapping came by when I heard some hip hop and rap songs. I started thinking- man these songs are so good,” said Wang.

Wang has dedicated 3 hours a day to practicing his rap. He wrote his rap back in March for the auditions.

“I didn’t memorize the lyrics at the tryouts but it was still good enough for me to get in,” said Wang.

The PHS Entertainer began when he started beat boxing with his friend Matt Goldsmith. This beat-boxing gave him publicity and it has slowly evolved into what Wang is today. Wang says he wasn’t a very talented singer at the time but his skill and courage have increased and his talent was beautifully displayed at the Talent Show.

There is another part of Wang that is very noticeable, his PHS costume. Wang’s costume consists of: a yellow mohawk, a yellow cape, green and yellow face paint, a green t-shirt, a yellow skin suit, and some cool sunglasses.

I just somehow happened to create it,” said Wang. “I just found some components of different kinds of clothes and decided to combine them all together.”

Wang ended his 12th grade talent show with a boom. His fire rap created an atmosphere similar to a zoo when the audience went wild. Wang really created a great time for both himself and the crowd.