Managing Editor, Meghan Laakso, reviews Tina Fey and Amy Poehlors newest movie, Sisters. Credit to Andrés Álvarez Iglesias.

Andrés Álvarez Iglesias

Managing Editor, Meghan Laakso, reviews Tina Fey and Amy Poehlor’s newest movie, ‘Sisters’. Credit to Andrés Álvarez Iglesias.

Poehler and Fey do it again with hit movie, ‘Sisters’

How well do you get along with your sister? Do you bicker and argue at every available chance? Or do you joke around and make up quirky dances together? The latter describes the relationship Tina Fey and Amy Poehler portray in their new hit movie, Sisters.

In a hilariously epic comedy, Fey and Poehler play two sisters who go back home only to find out their childhood house has been put on the market. They spend some time in their shared bedroom, reminiscing over the good old days of high school. It is then when they realize that they both had very had different high school experiences: one sister was the party animal while the other was the ‘party mom’. Fey’s character, Kate, decides that they both need one last night of enjoyment in the home they grew up in.

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Through a series of preparation montages and perfectly placed punchlines, the sisters prepare to throw a party similar to the ones they were famous for in their youth. Soon, as the party starts and carries into the night, things get extremely out of hand.

Of course, like in any other comedy, there is a serious situation going on in the background. In this case, Fey is playing a struggling cosmetologist, trying to keep a job with her hot headed personality. All the while she is trying to provide for her daughter, Haley(played by Madison Davenport), who wants nothing to do with the life her mom is living.

Things turn from sibling fun to conflict when Kate learns that her sister, Maura (Poehler), has been housing Haley for a few months without telling her. Conflict also arises when Haley finds out about the party the sisters threw together. Of course, everything comes together in the end with a humorous bang!

My older sister and I went to see the movie together and we both left with belly aches. Every line was delivered with such humor and timing that you had no chance but to laugh. I have always been a fan of both Poehler and Fey and this film proved to me that they are the Queens of Comedy.

I laughed… and then I laughed so hard I cried.

— Meghan Laakso

To add to the perfection of the film, Sisters was filled with cameos of other famous comedians and celebrities. Cast members from Parks and Recreation, Poehler’s television ‘mockumentary’, and 30 Rock, Fey’s acclaimed sitcom, made riotous appearances as old high school peers. Maya Rudolph and Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live also contributed their own talent and humor to the movie.

Once I thought the film couldn’t get any better, it did. John Cena entered the plot gloriously as a muscled and even-tempered ‘salesman’. Cena spoke his share of priceless lines and together, he and Fey successfully landed the lift from Dirty Dancing.

I laughed… and then I laughed so hard I cried. Every single scene and line in the movie was absolute gold. I would highly recommend every set of sisters over the age of seventeen to go see it while it’s still in theaters. Not only was I thoroughly entertained, but I was humbled by the love the two sisters had for each other- the plot consistently encouraging the importance of family.

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