Webb Sommer: Superhero in disguise

Meghan Laakso, Reporter

When students are in trouble, he is the one to arrive on the scene. When students are looking into the eyes of evil, he is there to shed light and reason, saving them from injury. When looking into the sky it is not a bird or a plane. In fact, it is Webb Sommer, the school’s personal superhero and athletic trainer.

Sommer chose to be an athletic trainer because of his interest and love for sports. To him, watching the games is a dream job because he gets to help out the players while enjoying a match.

He comes from a long line of previous training jobs. He’s worked for the American Hockey League, the National Hockey League, and with the American Rugby League down in Las Vegas. Out of these places and many more, Peninsula has always been his favorite place to work.

“It’s a Leave it Beaver kind of place,” Sommer said, “Everyone knows each other. It is a very comfortable place to spend my labor.”

Sommer is always there to help the school athletes. He works to keeping the students healthy and safe during their sport season. He seems to serve multiple roles in the school community such as friend, teacher, coach, and confident.

 To Ciera Haase, a senior soccer player, Sommer is reliable and is always willing to share a story that will have you laughing. Haase explains how Webb has affected her life.

“He makes me stronger as an athlete,” Haase said, “I don’t know what I would do if Webb wasn’t our trainer.”

 Most athletes agree with Haase. Sommer’s personality and willingness to help has made him popular among the staff and students.

 Shane Skladany, a varsity basketball player, believes that Sommer is ‘the most genuine person’ he has ever met.

 “He treats everyone the same,” Skladany said. “He truly loves working with all the athletes and students.”

 Skladany said that Sommer has impacted his life beyond the field by inviting him to outside of school sporting events.

 “We went to a hockey game together,” Skladany said. “I thought it was awesome for him to invite me. We had a great time.”

For each sport, Sommer sits on the sidelines of every home game and is available when he is needed to help an injured player. As he watches, he is also one of the biggest supporters, cheering each team on as they work for a victory. When the games pauses for a hurt athlete, Sommer jumps into action to treat the injury.

“Every year there is like a special on injuries, meaning that you see the same thing over and over again,” Sommer said. “This year is hip flexor strains.”

To help the athletes recover from an injury, Sommer offers some rehabilitation work, ice baths, and shock therapy that will give their recovery time a boost.

From wrapping ankles to deep tissues massages, Sommer can do it all. The athletes will never have to wonder if Sommer will be there for them. He has assured them and made it his personal job to be their number one supporter. He is truly a one of a kind man with a superhero personality.