Ten fun monthly subscription packages

February 6, 2014

For those who love online shopping, here are some fun monthly packages to check out. In order from least to most expensive. 


1. Birchbox: Men or women skin, hair, and beauty products in a box.

Description from website: Birchbox helps you find products you’ll love. Try our monthly subscription service, explore our personalized shop, or start with our editor tips and tricks.

How to subscribe : Request an invite via email and wait for a confirmation email. A Birchbox membership confirmation email may take up to two weeks. Once you receive the email you can fill out a beauty profile and your Birchbox products will be based off of that profil.

Price: $10 every month



2. ipsy: Make-up beauty products in a bag

Description from website: Exclusive beauty finds by our stylists just for you.

How to subscribe: Take a beauty quiz and then subscribe for a beauty bag that comes every month in the mail.

Price: $10 every month





3. whimseybox: For Pinterest lovers that never have the supplies

Description from website: Stop pinning start making. You will receive a new DIY craft project each month with the materials and instructions necessary. Follow our tips and techniques or make it your own way.

How to subscribe: Fill out the normal billing information, the DIY products are sent at random.

Price: $15 a month unless you get the year long subscription for $165.




4. Loot Crate: Epic geek and gamer gear in a crate

Description from website: 6 to 8 hand-picked epic products.  Membership in an active, growing community. Chance to win Mega Crate with $250+ value!

How to subscribe: Subscribe and choose a plan. Each month has a different theme and every month someone is chosen at random for a mega crate. These crates also come every month.

Price: $19.37 for the one month plan, $55.11 for three month plan and $105.99 for six month plan.



5. Indie Gift Box: Cute small products for guys and girls.

Description from website: Indie Gift Box curates unique, high-quality items from independent artists and small businesses every month and organizes them into themed boxes available for purchase and delivery to your door.  We envision a world in which artisanal craftsmanship is valued and accessible.  Our mission in support of that vision is to help you discover new artistic talent and handmade products and to help the artists and companies find the success they deserve.

How to subscribe: Go to the website and for every month buy each box separately, no commitment necessary.

Price: Standard Box (20 dollars) or Deluxe Box (25 dollars)




6. Pijon Box: A subscription box more for college students

Description from website: Curated, monthly care packages college students love.

How to subscribe: Choose a payment plan and fill out the usual information like address, name, and email. Also for your box choose from categories boy, girl, or gender-neutral. You can also gift a Pijon Box.

Price: 29 dollars every month for two months, 27 dollars every month for four months, or a custom plan which can go up to 50 months.




7. Flicker Box: A box full of different candles

Description from website: Flicker Box is inspired by a love and appreciation for handmade candles. We believe that people appreciate products produced by quality artisans made in the United States. We want to connect candle lovers with people who love to make candles.

How to subscribe: Choose a payment plan and fill out billing information on the website.

Price: 25 dollars for the first month then 32 dollars monthly, 96 dollars for three months, 165 dollars for six months, 300 dollars for one year and 165 dollars for a bimonthly year.




8. Box of Happies: Unique handmade products for etsy lovers

Description from website: We are beyond thrilled to offer you a unique monthly box subscription that allows YOU to pick the exact months and span of months you would like to receive your box full of handmade goodies!  Each Box of Happies contains three to five amazing handmade products – delivered straight to your doorstep!

How to subscribe: From website choose both when the box will be shipped and whether you want one box, a three month subscription, a six month subscription or a year long subscription. Then fill out the usual billing information.

Price: One box is 28.99 dollars, three months is 85.47 dollars, six months is 170.94 dollars, and one year is 341.88 dollars.


9. Fancybox: A variety of products in a box

Description from website: Fancy in full effect. Get your Fancy fix at home with our monthly subscription service featuring a collection of some of the most fancy’d items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes 80 dollars or more of products in the categories of your choice.

How to subscribe: Choose a payment plan from the website. Pick one of these categories; men, women, kids, home, gadgets, media, or multiple celebrity boxes. Then add your clothing size in the notes to subscribe.

Price: 39 dollars monthly, 115 dollars for three months, 225 dollars for six months,


gift lit

10. GiftLit: Book subscription

Description from website: At GiftLit we believe good books make great gifts. A book given should stand out and be worth keeping. GiftLit books are special because we rely on literary experts who carefully choose the most beloved books. If a book does not meet our standards, you w ill not find it in our stacks.

How to subscribe: Go to the website and choose from gender, age and genres. Prices vary depending on these categories. You can choose from a category or choose build your own.

Price: For build your own custom teen selection: 57.95 dollars for three months, 114.95 dollars for 6 months and 229.95 dollars for a year.

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    AshleyMar 3, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Love this article! Going to put down a story idea about using this in my school’s newspaper.