Forest Green Aperture

Forest Green Aperture

Audrey Thompson

Fern, foliage forest green aperture

An oracle filled with aspiring fires

Golden hair, lovely laugh, living in bright lure 


Take a turn, look back! You’ve lost mind’s cure

To take a breath, a costly existence dire

You broke her, lovely laugh is nothing pure


Another sip you say, glass never made me this unsure

To feel as if breathing is a burden to tire

What you took never looked so obscure


Blame and slashes thrown like careless fur

Tears in a silk gown and and a golden lyre

It didn’t use to be this bad, just him with her…


Was it my fault? Can you blame me, this would occur

Every time his lips met precious melted sapphire

Eyes and skies became dark with a hazy blur


Plum kisses and red roses don’t unlock the spire

From which you’ve hidden me in for.

I’ve left on foot in the sun, away from the mire,

Finally! I see a world without a poisoned liar.


This poem depicts the process of becoming acquainted with fear and illusions. Personal connections may pertain to the poem. A great tea to go with this is a dirty chai spice latte to express the elements of toxic desire.