Staff Profile: Officer Readwin


Alexander Johnston, Writer

Ray Readwin, our police officer, has kept Peninsula safe for six years.  He started off working in the Juvenile Hall in Yakima before “moving to the adult side of the house” as he put it. During his years as a patrol officer, he moved to Gig Harbor.  After moving here, he became heavily involved with Little League baseball and realized he wanted to be more involved with kids.  

After deciding to be more involved with the kids, he signed up for the open position at Peninsula and stayed for the next six years.  Ray could have left three years ago, but he chose to stay. Clearly great working hours allowed him to be more involved with his family, but the amazing energy of Peninsula High School captured his heart.  

Due to his long journey here, he has not one favorite memory, but many.  “I really enjoy working the after school events and homecoming,” he stated.  Ray loved to see the students he protects daily in their own element, such as homecoming and plays, or anything that allows students to be themselves.  Unfortunately, Ray is leaving PHS. He is becoming a juvenile investigator where he will investigate the more violent side of teenage criminal activity. 

We would just like to give a special thanks to Ray for being such a great role model and police officer.  We hope he has a great time and stays safe in the next step of his career.