Awkward Alert!; Most Embarrassing Moments in High School

Callie Anderson, Reporter

High School is known for holding the most awkward and embarrassing moments of our lives. From freshman year to throughout life, everyone carries embarrassing high school moments that at the time, mortified them, but now they can look back and laugh at those moments.
Peninsula high school student, and co-captain of the girls golf team, Chloe Duttry said her most embarrassing moment did not occur at school however, it is still story-worthy. Duttry said “Basketball camp freshman year, all the girls when I was showering took all my clothes, and my bed, threw them outside. And I was naked.” Reminiscing about the moment, Duttry also said “I had a towel that didn’t really cover anything and it had bat wings on it. So I was walking around for an hour trying to find my clothes.” Duttry burst out in laughter after explaining it. “If I had kids I would definitely want them to go through the same experience, it was funny!” Duttry exclaimed. Duttry finished out the interview with: “Remember to always bring your clothes into the bathroom when you go to take a shower at a camp!”
Elysse Gregor is a senior this year at Peninsula High School and very involved in the leadership scene. Gregor claimed to have just one embarrassing moment at Peninsula. “Freshman year I had swim second period, and we would always get out of class late, so I would do everything in my power not to be late to my next class” Gregor said, “so one day we got out of class super late and I hadn’t had time to dry my hair or get ready, so I sprinted down the hallway with my hair soaking wet and dripping water everywhere”. She laughed in remembrance of this moment. “Everyone either looked at me like I was so weird, but some gave me a sympathetic glance as if they knew what I was experiencing. It was a mortifying experience to be honest, but I wouldn’t go back and do it different” Gregor claimed. “If I had kids I would definitely want them to go through this experience because it builds character” she joked. While Elysse was spared a massively embarrassing moment, such as coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper in her pants, this moment still is, very embarrassing.
Michelle Johnson is a well known photographer in Gig Harbor and manager of a non-profit organization. Johnson took a while to remember her most embarrassing moment, but her lips started to curl into a smile as she began telling her most embarrassing story from high school. “When I was in high school I played soccer and one day during a game my shorts ripped in half! It was mortifying because I was in front of a crowd and so many people saw my underwear!” Johnson said. “Honestly it was a learning experience because earlier I yanked out a string thinking nothing of it. Now I will never ever yank out a string” Johnson said laughingly.
While high school is seen as a giant embarrassing memory, to some, it’s also where some of the best moments of life is spent. And it may seem like it is going by slowly it will be over before you can count to ten. Enjoy every moment you have in high school because there is only one chance to go through it. Make it the best one yet.