How do Students Study For AP Exams?


Student taking AP exams

Baylen Quintana-Blea, Reporter

The AP Exams are coming up quick and it is about time for people that are taking them to prepare for them in ways., but in what ways are they studying for the AP Exams? First off, there is not just one type of AP exam, there are a lot.

For every AP class, there is a AP exam specific to that class. To actually take the AP Exam, you have to be in an AP class, and you are only allowed to take the AP exam that is specific to that class. After you have been in the AP class for the year, then you get a packet with all the prices of all the AP exams. You have to pay for your AP exam so you put the money in the packet and give it to the bookkeeper. Then after you pay for your exam, also in the packet, it will tell you what day you are taking the exam on and where you will be taking it. Depending on the date, people will start studying for the exam; however, most students study all year to prepare for the May exams.

There are some exams that differ from the basic multiple choice/essay, for example the AP Seminar Exam, scheduled for May 7, consists of two main parts. The first part, students have to respond to a three part prompt, then the second part is an essay that they have to write based on pre given materials in a timed period. How are the students studying for the exams? “Our teacher is just giving us a bunch of writing in class, and sometimes they will give us homework if she feels the need.” Carissa Bruneau, a Sophomore said. Most of the teachers are just giving their students writing to do in class.

A popular AP test is the AP world test, and this test is scheduled for May 16. This test is just a test where it has multiple choice, short essay questions, and long essay questions. Overall, it seems that it has the same structure of a normal test, but it is going to be much more in depth in material and is going to require a deeper understanding than a normal test would require. Do the students studying techniques change? When Sophomore Ailsa Gilbert was asked this question, she responded by saying “ There was a book that you could buy to help prepare you for the test, normally I just go through that everyday and make sure that I understand everything in it.”

Since the studying techniques for AP tests that are English based and History based are pretty different, do either of the techniques reflect to how the majority of students study for a science based test? Grace Cook is a Sophomore taking the AP bio test, which is scheduled for May 13th, when asked how she was studying for the test simply said “I bought the prep book for the test and for a couple of weeks now have been studying from that.” It seems that for the tests that aren’t english based, there are preparation books for the tests and most students just study off that.

The AP tests are just around the corner, good luck to anyone taking the AP test and do your best.