Album Review: The World Is Yours 2 – Rich The Kid

Album Review: The World Is Yours 2 - Rich The Kid

Toby Spurlock, Reporter

Rich The Kid is a worldwide known artist who has released two studio albums, 7 mixtapes, 11 collaborative mixtapes and 18 singles (including 8 as a featured artist). He is a unique artist who isn’t like anyone you will ever hear. He is unique because he doesn’t just do fast-paced rap, his songs have meaning to them, and some people can relate to what he is saying which is why people like him so much, in my opinion, he is one of my favorite artists and I know I’m not the only whos favorite artist is also Rich The Kid.
Good: In my opinion the album was really good because there isn’t a song in there that I don’t like and I have all the songs from the album on my playlist, and I love all of them, and I usually don’t do that I typically have to pick 3 or 4 from an album. “it shows versatility, and there was like a different vibe compared to other rappers albums,” says Shawn Campbell, a 9th grader at Peninsula high. I also agree because there is a song for everyone because it covers more than just one genre in the album, it isn’t just rap.
Bad: There wasn’t too much in this album that was bad, but then again you can’t have a perfect album. Some things I wanted to see would be more collabs with different artists. It would’ve been cool to see what they could’ve done. “Something I wanted to see in the album but didn’t happen was a song with Meek Mill in it,” says Caleb Wanaka, a 9th grader at Peninsula high school. Meek mill is another artist who has collaborated with many other famous artists like Drake.
Verdict: Overall this album was one of the best albums I’ve listened to, and I would give it a solid 3.5 out of 4 stars. Because no album is perfect, it had a few flaws like every other good album. But like every great album, it had many awesome things about it like its versatility and the quality amount of songs.
Best Songs: The two best songs, in my opinion, are “Save That,” “and Tic Toc ft. Tory Lanez”. Because i like the beat in Save That, it’s super unique and sounds like a recorder and goes well with the song. I love the lyrics in Tic Toc a lot not because I can relate to them but because it’s super catchy.